Hello's and Harley's

So... I don't think I have been on my blog site for years..... EEEEEEEKKKKK..... let me rectify that today.

*clears throat* Welcome back to Glass Houses and Stones and your hostess with the mostest, Miss Abcde Alexus Jenkins..... Miss Lexi, if you're nastee! LOL!  Seriously, it is good to be back in to the blogosphere (sp?)! I think this will give me something to do as well as keep my mind at work for good, there is a lot of evil brewing and an idle mind is the devil's play place. *plays ominous music*

Why are you back Miss Abcde? Well, I am so glad you asked. I have some major life changes under way.... let's start with the most drastic change......................I am getting a HARLEY! YAY!
Ha! NO! Miss Abcde does not do motorcycles. These are my version of a "Harley"  
Yes! You guessed it, I am getting braces! 

I call them Harley's because I am getting the FULL METAL JACKET! 
My friends asked me if I could get the ceramic one's or invisalign and I told them. NO! I need full metal to move these suckers around. And it's not like I have a hideous smile. See figure A.

I just need to take evasive corrective measures for other things to be aligned correctly. There IS a method to this madness! So that is the main reason why I have started to blog again. Since, I have been researching, reading blogs, and watching you tube videos on adults who have gone through and are going through this process. I figured why don't I just add my "Harley" drama to this mix. So over the next 18 months, prayerfully sooner, I will document my journey. Also, I have started reorganizing my house and finishing a couple of projects which I will also post. This will be so much FUN! 

Tomorrow is "H" DAY, so I will post before and after pics as well as what else is going on in my world. 

Till we meet again....... Toodles!