The Road More or Less Traveled

In observing friends and family who have/are dating and lived to tell the story and from my past and current dating situations, I have realized that there are 3 roads dating can wind up on.....
Road 1: Friendville Lane... here the two have decided that they adore each others company but there's no romanticism or sexual chemistry, so they forgo the sex and remain JUST friends. Road 2: R Kelly Avenue aka Homey Lover Friends... here the two have loads of sexual chemistry and they like each others company but one or both of them, see nothing long term with the other. So they just hook up every once in a while to get one or two in.
Road 3: Relationship Road...here the two people are willing to invest time into each other to see if something long term is plausible. There is definite sexual, physical and mental attraction present.

Having been on all 3 of these roads myself, the question is who determines the road you are traveling? And can one be headed in the wrong direction and get off that path to head into another? What say you?

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