Here's my resume...what do you think?

So... I was talking to one of my male besties last night... and I made a statement that I always make and people find hard to believe but is very true. I have NEVER dated in my adult life. I count being an adult as 26 and up. I count dating as spending time with someone getting to know them, via phone, dates, over each others house, text, etc. aka spending time (DUH!). LOL! After hearing this he finally was like well dayum...you are new booty! No wonder you are a mental case right now.... And I am!

I decided in 2010 to get up off my bum and to put myself out there per se and start dating, get to know men and giving them a chance, stop turning down dates and not answering my phone when guys call.... well.... 3 months into 2010 and I am not doing too hot. Not to say that I havent had any dates.... Dating is like looking for a job... lets just say... in order to not get the dreaded we decided to go with another candidate letter .... I just ask for my resume back. (I know mental...I am working on this) When dating you peruse the scene and find someone you are kind of interested in. Yall exchange resumes and then you have the 1st interview (first date) and then if the first date goes well you have others. But my problem is the hiring process. Knowing if this job is full-time or part-time, temp or temp with benefits or better translated as girlfriend potentional or homey lover friend potential, just friends, or FuBu.... Most jobs post this information on the website, but its very forward to ask a guy on the first date..."Where do you see this goin?" "Are you looking for a girlfriend or just someone to hold your balls at night?" I may be a dating virgin but I do know that is not gonna work and defintely not going to get me a second date. And as in job hunting, dating, is not something just you are doing, there are a lot of people out there dating and submitting resumes to the same person that you may really like. Forget the job market...the dating market is fierce!!! I know each situation is different and I grasp alot of the concepts of dating but there are some that I really really dont.

So friends, what are some dating (or getting to know you) do's and dont's that have worked for you over the years? What are some red flags to avoid from jump.....

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